Don't Eat Too Low Calories

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    The simplest explanation for losing weight is through math. If we eat fewer calories than we burn, we will lose weight. We call this a caloric deficit. Pretty simple actually.

    So why not reduce the calories we take and lose more weight?

    If we are fed with very low calories, we may encounter situations such as a decrease in body resistance, illness, exhaustion, muscle loss.

    This can cause the metabolism to slow down in the long term and make weight loss more difficult.

    As a solution, instead of starving ourselves, we should follow our weight by eating a balanced and regular diet. Being patient and increasing physical activity will be the healthiest and most efficient way to lose weight.

    In this way, we can burn calories or reduce calories further by monitoring our weight loss process over time, increasing activity when we cannot lose weight. In this way, when we start to lose weight, we can lose weight more efficiently and long-term with the sports we do instead of becoming hungry and weak.

    Especially, we should not be fed below basal metabolism.

    What is basal metabolism?

    It is the calorie value your body burns while at rest, even if you are not moving at all.

    This calorie value is necessary for our body to perform its vital functions properly. Therefore, taking less energy into our body than our body spends while resting will definitely decrease body resistance.

    We cannot talk about losing a healthy weight when our bodies are not working properly.

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